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Happy @)) & Pura Vida


@))& -- 2007 ALL CAPS baby! Pura Vida translates to the good life here in Costa Rica. Comepletly skipped the usual madness of Christmas and the Holidays at home. The lack of snow made it easy to forget Christmas was around the corner.

Since I last wrote much has happened. Oh about my last entry and using free internent, don't try it, nothing in life is free, had to pay for my not sneaky enough sneakiness. I loved Nicaragua, so much so that I stayed at Hostal Central (Granada) until the very last night it was opened, partied all night long, was talked out of starting what very possible would have been the best bonfire ever, drank lots of rum, danced under the light of the cresent moon. Good times. I decided to stay up all night and not sleep so I could catch the bus the next day for the frontier (border) into Costa Rica. So no sleep, 5AM bus started out well enough. Once I crossed into Costa Rica walked accross the border just to keep walking forever. I figured out there were no local busses waiting to whisk you to San Jose on the other side. Instead what I did find was this crazy little French Canadian kid named Max. He's 19, never been on a plane and has had a crazy trip driving accross Canada, down through the states,leaving his car in Arizona and then bussing it through Mexico and Central America. I was so tired by this point, his angry sounding English peppered with swearing was very amusing. We tried hitchiking and he almost convinced me to jump on the back of one of the many semi trucks that keep roaring by us. Finally a bus DID stop for us. We had to stand in the ailse (all the seats were taken). I practiced my ailse surfing for miles, pretending the curvy roads were actually a snow covered moutain. Eventually my body shut down, exhausted and finished. I now know that it is indeed possible to sleep standing up.

I was supposed to meet my friends Vin & Denise in San Jose. They were delayed in Houston and would be a day late. I of course, was out of money AGAIN. They were bringing my new debit card from home for me. Max was not only a good travel partner, he also exchanged some money for me so I could get by one more day in San Jose. He left early the next morning talking of Panama and another stamp in his passport.

After creating my own walking tour of San Jose I found Vin & Denise's hotel and waited for their arrival. SO good to see peeps from home! My cheap ass living stlye almost immediately improved 10 fold. They let me stay in their hotel room and charged me the hostel rate $10 (still more than I've been used to paying in other countries) bit HELLA nice! Gotta love good friends:) We made our way to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. City on the Carribbean side of Costa Rica. Great surfing, lots of resturants, shops, a few bars, and a real laid back feel. Again I was given the travelers rate with Vin & Denise. I was PLEASANTLY surprised on morning as we were eating breakfast on our kick ass porch, to see my friend Jeni walking up the path way. Those sneaky bastards. Jeni joined our happy group and then there were 5.

Didn't try surfing. Lots of body surfing though, which means standing in the waves and waiting to be pummeled by the fury of the ocean. CRAZY. I guess Salva Brava is a well known surfing break. Lots of surfers i.e. eye candy for me to enjoy. We were there for 10 days before one very long day travelling from the Caribbean cost to the Pacific side. We left Puerto Viejo at 7:30 I think and FINALLY arrived in Montezuma after 10 pm. Not too bad until you factor in that my girl Denise is 6 months pregnant. She's a trooper.

Montezuma is a small toursit town. I like to refer to it as Cancun meets Girdwood. Lots of people hanging out in the streets, drinking, smoking, listening to the music pumping out of Chico's (local bar) hard to miss the loud music anywhere in town really. Plenty of dredlock travellers selling their hand made jewerly on the street as well. Pretty crazy scene. It was here in Montezuma that someone decided to knock on our hotel room door after 1 in the morning. I was asleep and very confused. Jeni opend the door while I'm still asking "What's going on??" Convinced some drunk is banging on our door, why the hell is Jeni letting in all the crazies? Turns out the crazy man is our friend Brendan from home. "What? Brendan's in Costa Rica?" I kept repeating over and over. Sneaky sneaky little monkeys my friends. Now there were 6. So our group has been growing, chilling on the beach and hanging out on the streets of Montuzuma. Good times.

Vin & Denise are only here for a few more days. Jeni and Brendan are around for another week I think. Even with my friends' very generous hotel pricing for the backpacker in their midst I'm still spending more money than I'd planned on. Will be heading back to Nicaragua in the not too distant future. I'll need to start planning the next move. I've completely stopped doing any planning since meeting up with friends. It's been nice. A vacation from my vacation. The quest must continue. No more private bathrooms, maid service, clean sheets, towels and closets too? Damn I'm getting soft. Until then I'll soak up the good vibes of Costa Rica and enjoy every last minute of Pura Vida -- the good life.

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